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I have a lot going on in my life and having problems with so much that it has become complicated to talk about and I want to talk to my best friend but she has her own problems that it makes mine not feel that important so I fake the smile and hold everything back. But I dont have anyone to open up to and im tired of holding everything in so I visited a cemetery when a family member of mine is burried in, even though they died before I knew them, as soon as I got to the headstone I broke down so badly. I sat there talking to this headstone for an hour balling my eyes out. I have been needing that break down, but I hope it helped show me what I havent seen yet. I can only go on acting strong and holding back so much. Times like these I need someone and if that means opening up to a headstone then so it be. It feels stupid to confess because I didn't know the person and they didn't know me when they were still alive, but in times like this I didnt know who else to turn to and didn't know where to go.

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  • i don't blame you and im sure they loved your story. i understand not wanting to burden your friends but don't burden yourself either. good luck

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