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After seeing all of these anal sex comments I want to try anal sex with my boyfriend. Any suggestions?

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  • Lube, try stretching it a little bit more before to try to make sure you know what doesnt rip, dont go way to crazy by only doing it and all the time, ive seen some pictures and its nasty as hell, id suggest a condom to lessen risk of infection, plus he wont get your crap on his dick, get prepared for a crap load or pain, and from all ive heard (and I've heard a LOT) it doesnt even feel good, just feels like your taking a giant awkward and not that enjoyable crap. (And a side note, if he is not sercomsised and he cant pull his for skin back withough extreme pain and it turning bright red id suggest not doing it, from the pressure of trying to get in, doesnt matter how much lube you put, it could pull ths skin back and just keep on pulling till his forkin rips and then all fun is over... I tried it once, he didnt even get in and then he yelped and was in nothing but pain. I had to baby him after that.) Also, that part i Was not acually made of that kind of stretching. I know it might be kinda awkward but you mine as well get all the infro straight out instead of finding out after because you didnt know to do something and then woops, something went really really wrong

  • take a poop first.

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