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I have a lot of anger welled up inside me. For all my life I have bottled every negative emotion up just to not feel them. Only problem is all of those emotions are bottled up in one form: anger. And I am afraid of it. I feel this weight in the pit of my stomach, heating up and pushing outwards every time I get even mildly annoyed. It's even gotten t the point that I fantasize violent deaths of people around me...as in literal proximity. I've seen three therapists and visited sever 12 step programs for anger. Nothing works. It persists and is getting worse....and I fear that I will hurt someone one day

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  • Well..shit. Similar situation here. I just bottled up negative emotions because if I expressed them I would have hurt the feelings of other people, and I didn`t want that, Problem is, I still don`t want to hurt people`s feelings, but this bottled rage makes it difficult to keep my mouth shut. And I`m easily annoyed, which make everything even worse. I`m an extremely angry person with a low-tolerance for bullshit, which means I`m angry almost all the time. Checked my cortisol levels: they`re over the limit..

  • Try starting martial arts like kung fu or tai chi. It helps focus on your inner self. It will teach you calmness

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