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I reach out and all I get is, "No, not this time" every time. If my friendship means so little to you, then maybe I shouldn't bother trying anymore. I keep getting forgotten about and ignored, and I am tired of it. If you have a damn, you would actually try. And this goes for multiple people in my life. Too many of my friends ignore me for weeks in end if I don't reach out first. I'm sick of being the only one trying!

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  • I feel bad when I text people first because they work a lot and I dont want to bother them while they're at work or if they're sleeping so i'd rather have them text me first. Plus its like I dont know if im texting too much and being annoying or not. If we could somehow agree that every other day I would text first and then them the other days lol. I dont mean to not text for weeks or months on end but really im just waiting for them to text me, im never busy and would love to text all day with certain people but people few that sometimes you dont wanna text and they dont want to text and have it not response back to, that is the worst! Its like the "seen" on facebook but no replies, like its rude and just hurts. So reach out to them first and give it another try before you write them off

  • I know how you feel 100%, I just wish I knew how to feel more loved by the people who I see as friends. Many people have told me to get new friends but this kind of thing happens no matter where I am, I've got the feeling I'm fairly boring.

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