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My boyfriend is careful, friendly and really intelligent and nice. But he doesn't turn me on , I feel annoyed when he is texting me. I don't want to lose him as a friend but I don't wanna keep him as a boyfriend. How could I manage to tell him? Or should I just wait a few more weeks? I feel so bad about it. And since we're dating my depressions got worse.

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  • I broke up and my depressions became the worst I've ever had. barely eating, not even able to go out of the house, idc abozt friends and family anymore, idk what happened. I feel so sorry and bad for everything even if I wasnt involved... he's stressing around and it makes me more and more depressed that people are trying to help me

  • I tried talking to him today. He didn't understand. He thinks that I'm just in a bad mood and goes on talking about his stuff.

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