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I have a girlfriend for 15 Months. She doesn´t know that I Smoke (Cigarettes and Weed). I lie to her when I don´t wanna see her, because I want to get high and chill. What should I do?

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  • Dump her. Its pretty clear whats kore important to your life anyways.

  • Dump her, you shouldn't have to hide what you like just because she doesn't. If she cant accept your habits and makes you give it up, she'll make you give up more later in life. Its control. Would she give up something she likes to do for you? How guilty would you feel if you made her give up something? You shouldn't have to hide your habits, you should be with someone who calms accept all your good and bad and wont mal you feel bad for doing what you want. Its like telling a gamer to give up video games while the other person is just as addicted to reading but wont give it up. So you smoke, I do too, if someone doesn't like it then either accept it or leave, simple.

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