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A close female friend of mine is the purest person I've ever known - she's sweet, kind, caring and sincere. She's also incredibly shy and unsure of herself due to her not very feminine looks to the point that it's caused her a great deal of pain since her childhood. Every once in a while she'll be at a party where someone will make fun of her looks in a mean and spiteful manner. This devastates her and the following week she'll be completely depressed (she already suffers from severe depression). Even though I'm not in love with her and never have been this infuriates me more than anything, like a concentrated mass of rage is turning in my stomach. So when this happens I try as discretely as possible to find out who (boy or girl, I don't discriminate) did this to her and then dedicate the next month or two (sometimes more) of my life to destroying theirs. It makes me feel a sense of purpose I've never felt before and never thought was possible and I enjoy it immensely even if I can never tell my friend about it.

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  • Also you could try to help that girl. I mean talk about this with her... if you are not already doing that... ;)

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