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My ex wife calls me out of the blue after leaving me over 15 years ago to tell me everything...cancer,abusive ex she left me for, the scars the kids..and then wants me back, even though she knows I am married.

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  • Your ex wife got exactly what she deserved. Moreover, the fact that she contacted you out of the blue after 15 years, even though she knows you`re married tells me she has little to no respect for you. She called you because, in her twisted mind, you`re the "good guy for rainy days". She did whatever the hell she wanted and when it didn`t work out, she came back to you, like you were supposed to wait for her. I`m a woman and women like her give us a bad name. Send her to hell and be happy with your current life.

  • Don't go there, she knew what she was doing. you have your own life now.

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