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I feel like my boyfriend doesn't love me as much as heclaims to. I don't evwn think he realizes it. There are many reasona why I feel this way but one of the silliest and most prominent at the moment is that he is NEVER inclined to just take/post a picture of me. I'd like to be shown off. Is that so bad? Am I that ugly?

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  • We've been together for three years and we have one picture together, fb doesnt know about us, and we're perfectly happy. Some people just dont want to live their relationship in public, maybe your bf is one of them. Why is it so important to you that he shows you off? Is your self esteem that bad? Just enjoy his company ;-)

  • People show their affection in different ways. My bf of well over a year has never asked to take a picture or me but he definitely loves me loads.

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