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he started following my blog & I noticed that he was attractive & I told him. Since then we spoke everyday for hours. if the conversation dropped at 10am he'd find several other excuses to text again. like this for months. and we live in the same city so we met for lunch. I felt it went really well & our talking continued in the same way. we hung out again & for a few weeks we kept pace. but suddenly it felt like he was ignoring me. Not being one to chase or nag, I just pulled away to protect my feelings, I unfollowed him, I deleted his number & deleted an app we talked on. within HOURS he messages me on a site that I didn't know he knew I was on, sends me a hoard of texts, & emails me to ask why I dropped him. I thought I was being sensitive so we resumed.. 2 more weeks pass... he ignores me again.. So i repeated what i did. he skype calls, sends hoards of texts, so forth. I didn't respond. what is he getting out of ignoring me and then harassing me?.

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  • You're a little easy to get that's why.. He can run your days with the snap of his fingers.. now its not about whether he can get you

  • He just wants to be able to have you. When he gets what he wants then he will ignore you. He likes the attention that he's getting from you pure and simple. This has happened to many people before, you're not the only one. Just ignore him, he's not worth your time and he is an attention seeker.

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