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I have a big problem with Kanye controlling what Kim K wears. Not that I have any love for her, because I don't. Just can't understand how she would let him do that!

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  • So that's your problem? The fucking Kardashians, a family lost and desperate to get attention that get to extremes?! Fuck Kim and Kanye (he's other idiot), can't you see how stupid they all are? You're being controlled by media and society, they want you to think that it's normal to seek attention like them, and that the Kardashians are something special, no they fucking aren't, all they are is rich, all they ever do is waste, money, things, space, air, everything. Their lifes are not our problem, but they can't bare to not being looked at! She's a dumb woman that don't deserve respect, but not for the what she wears, she's stupid because of what she does, did and will keep doing untill people start to wake up from this messed up sense of beauty, power and fame.

  • You re joking right?

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