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Its hard for me to be in a relationship because im too fat and ugly. I choose to be this way because I cant control my food intake. Now I can't seek closure, I felt lonely since nobody wants me. It would take a miracle that if someone actually even have a crush on me.

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  • That's the exact motive you should control food intake and exercise, if you are happy with your body, other people will also, and as the title says "attractiveness" is making people get closer to you, but even in space, where there is zero weight, planets, stars and galaxies still are attracted to eachother inspite of so much space between them, it might be a weight question, might be a beauty question, but in the long scheme of things, is really just a question of time and place, and being things like Yourself, for example, or not being a douchebag, having confidence, those are things that even if you are ugly like i am, still count HUGE for finding someone that is attracted to you, Accepting that things are currently bad, need to change and start changing them is the first step, but no one can do that except for you, i also thought for the longest that a miracle would happen the day someone had a crush on me, but i changed, i grew up from that, i understood that if i didn't like myself and wanted to change i would still be the one single me.

  • Find a reason to stop eating too much.

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