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I'm so sick of worrying about money. Sick of money always being an issue, always being an obstacle to develop, to pursue dreams and goals... Sometimes even a obstacle to paying the bills and keeping the power on. I am not a materialistic person but being poor simply sucks. And I hate people who haven't experienced money as an issue, who always say: "money isn't everything", "money doesn't really change your life in any way - you think it would now, but it wouldn't", "the best things in life aren't bought with money..." BULLSHIT, with a whole lot of bullshit on top. Because these people have no idea how much of a difference money can make for a lot of people, and not even that much money. Some of these days I'm getting really desperate to the point of thinking it's not even worth bothering with this stupid reality anymore.

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  • yeah money fixes everything I believe the same people who don't are dumb but it can't fix is death.

  • hey at least your english is really good. i would have guessed you're a native speaker!

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