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so an earlier comment concerning whining people mentioned this wizardchan page and i was curious and had to take a look. i have to say that i am so digusted about those freaks who blame all their problems on women they cant have and men who can get women. nice try putting all the blame on others while you guys behave like total assholes and insult everyone who's not a glued-to-the-computer-virgin. get your asses up losers and do something to better your life instead of whining. if you work on yourself you might get girlfriends one day, why dont you see that? (sorry for venting. i just couldnt stand what i was reading on that page. to all you normal people out there: have a great day!)

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  • I'm the guy who mentioned it. I thought it may be neat and I was so freaking disgusted. I was a virgin till I was 24 so I thought okay maybe they are like me. OH GOD NO! It's Permanently unemployed adult children who want to die in their parents basement.

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