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To all the people who wants to cheat or is already cheating and wants to be serious with the one you're cheating with, how sure are you that they won't cheat with another person someday too? Don't you want a smooth and true relationship? And if ever they do that to you, how would you feel?

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  • Thats the reason why I would never accept a person to cheat on another person because of me, if someone would do it once, he will do it twice too, for sure

  • people always assume that they re not like he others , we always feel like these things happen to other people, or like he or she is a ceater so she will recognize the signs, people always believe they ar so smart, like they dont care either if one f them wants to cheat they ll do it and the other is not that stupid cause they have somewhat the same mindset on cheating. it might help them feel less guilty knowing they date someone as wrong or right as them. t does not matter how they feel , as long as they feel good life is good 2 selfish people together ... life is good, or a hell after the honeymoon phase... anyways that was my humble opinion.

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