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All my friends tell me that I am nerd for not having sex with my new girlfriend cause i date her for two weeks now, I just respect her to much to tell her that sex is the most important thing. We spend time talking and getting to know each other better and I feel pretty confident about our fresh start. I want to confess that I have stupid friends who value sex more then getting to know the person they just rub genitals with. I discussed my worries with my girl and told her what my friends told me, she even loves me more now. However she did told me in time she wants to have intimacy with me, and when we do, I will make sure she never forgets her first and the following times. Love should not be only about getting laid. It is about getting to know the person you want to wake up with.

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  • How can you love someone you only know for two weeks? (serious question)

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