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I really like one boy for months now and we bacome best friends we like the same stuff we say the same stuff is like we are one person we agre on everything and i really like him he is definetly my soul mate.. 2months ago we kissed and i feel for him even more soo we messed around for 3weeks and i asked him how he feels and stuff and he told me that we are so alike idk i like but but idk if we would be that great together as we are friends so yeah i was heartbroken then the next day he kissed me again but a couple day later he told me he's been messing around with another girl and i was surprised so he told me that he likes her and i didn't know what to do i stayed stron but when i got home the tairs came rushing out :'( .. We stayed best friends and nothing changed but i still love him and he loves her but now they are in a relationship so i can't do anything i'm just sad i lost my soul mate

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  • I have a friend like that; we do not date or kiss but she is just awesome and perfect. The thing is somehow I like this other girl and I can't think around it. I never understand it myself but this is the deal so I suggest you let him go find whatever mends your heart and carry on, there will be many more coming your way.

  • How old are you?

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