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I hate my work!!! I'm degree educated so I hoped be okay but the job market has been tough. I graduated with an Classical Literature degree, I know not the most practical of degrees but I'm articulate, I'm good at general office stuff, ridiculously reliable and punctual so I figured that must count for something. However I'm still in the shitter, months after graduating I've finally found a job but I could scream. Everyday I've been early for work, the one day I'm late by less than 5 minutes because of a traffic accident, I'm taken to another room and given a severe telling off and expected to work 30 minutes more, wtf? My boss comes in late all the time, misses meetings and is behind in giving me important paperwork and that's supposedly fine eurgh, could you imagine if me or you did that? Another thing is that I was promised £16,000 a year as an admin assistant, however when it came to signing the contract it said £14,000 and that I was a receptionist and trainee exam invigilator instead. I complained of course and was told that this was the only contract they would offer me. So with bills and rent looming, I had to sign. I feel so cheated and angry, I really want to leave but I don't have another job waiting.

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  • if you don't have children, and if u can move back to parents, just leave this motherfuckers.

  • Hate to say "I told you so" but everybody and their mother told you classic lit was a garbage major and you'd never get a real job. Well, you made your bed you get to sleep in it

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