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I'm going to be honest here. London is crap. Yes it is full of touristy shit and is great for a week or two but to live in it is hideously over rated and over priced. Speaking as someone who relocated here from another part of the country I can honestly say I have never been more unhappy. Sure I made friends and I work so it's not that, my issues are that it's dirty in the suburban areas. There is also a lot of pollution and it's so noisy. Also this may seem controversial but this is from me and female friends experience so at least it's true. We get harassed by men all the time, the darker skinned they are the worse it is. London is way too multi cultural and politically correct, just last night I was walking home from work and this African dude kept harassing me and trying to touch me and it's happened before from men of colour. My friend has also experienced this as well and so have our other friends. White men have never grabbed at me or aggressively tried to chat me up but here in London there are a lot of non European men think it's okay to stop you in the street and try to talk, follow or touch and when you complain they play the racism card, how does that even work? I have friends from all ethnic groups and I know that not all non European men are not like that. Yet in London, some of the most disgusting and predatory ones will harass white women like myself and my friends and it's frightening especially when they to aggressively try it on.

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  • Multiculturalism is bullshit. It's just colored people oppresing the whites.

  • hi dear i am a non white woman in canada and i ll tell you even in their countries they could not get away with such ways. in my country es they chat arrass if you say but touching and groping could get thm into real shits socially, it is quite sad, god luck and dont hesitate on calling the cops , yell at the top of your lungs yell help say stop raping me as loud and as clear as possible that ll show them and dont be fooled they all scared to be returned to their countries so call the cps and ay tht you and other friends lived this and soon he ll be all apologizing

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