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I asked a friend for help to win get my crush. My crush told my friend she liked someone else but my friend still told jer i liked her and then my crush told mt friend she already had a boyfriend. I really feel like i'm so bad, girls make up boyfriends just to avoid me. And so i decided to stop trying. I'm done.

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  • Almost couldn't read that. If she made up a boyfriend then look and what that says about her. Yeah in high school it was okay to "make up" a boyfriend, but grow up. Women up and say the honest truth, say your not interested simple. If she's lying about something small like that then she doesnt respect you enough to be fully honest so look at it from that point, you dodged a liar. Sorry to the other persons comment but mature women wouldn't just say they were with someone when they are not to prevent stalkers and such, lying like that can still have stalkers because you still didn't give the guy a no answer so now he'll just wait around until your single. If she cant go you an honest clear answer like a no or yes, then she's not mature yet. When a women gets asked if she likes someone she should be honest and clear, if she doesn't like you but is trying to leave you down easy by using that kind of excuse then she didn't really let you down easy because now your doubting yourself that your ugly and giving up trying to date someone- was that really letting you Down easy? Does this way really hurt less and is making it easy for you to move on? Hell no! Look how your doubting yourself and giving up and hurting! If you dated her after she made you feel this way is that love? You should be happy that now you can see who she really is besides a pretty face. Hope this helps you. Hope you can see the point im trying to make and please dont give up. There's someone out their for everyone. *hugs*

  • Girls make up boyfriends to politely decline men because it's the safest option - less chance of assault, stalking, continued pursuit. It's not about you specifically and it's not a personal thing, it's something women learn to do to stay safe.

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