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I'd always wondered why my girlfriend didn't want children or marriage and it only intensified when I questioned her and she would clam up. I just assumed it was because she was a few years younger than me but today I found out the truth. It turns out that ever since she could remember her Dad was a violent alcoholic and her Mom was very negligent. Since she was extremely young, around the age of three, my girlfriend would get beat up her dad if her flew into one of his rages and her mother did nothing to stop it. She was also left to find her on food so nearly starved and was had to listen to the sounds of her parents physically fighting. She also had to protect her younger siblings and took beatings for protecting them, once when she was nine her dad smashed her head into a wall for protecting them. My girlfriend is beautiful, I'm not just saying that I truly mean it, is fluent in five languages and holds two degrees but having to admit this to me had her curl up into a tiny ball and cry. I am writing this with tears down my face, it took her 4 years to tell me because she was ashamed, I feel so angry and devastated.

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  • Damn these onion cutting ninja's right under my eyes.

  • Just be there for her. Your love for her will let her move on.

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