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I am very happy muslim women of 20 years old I blieve strongly in my religion, I am traditionalist, kept virgn, still lives at my parents home, my parents are not quite religious and it is ok, they are scared I ll get into a relation with a religious man. It is ok for me. I just wish muslims followed theur religion, no obligation for women on house cleaning, or cooking, got to keep all her money if she works, parents have to pay all her expenses from birth till wedding. people should nit wreck their homes by drugs and alcohol, like some muslim do. Being divorced is not a shame for none and religiously speaking should not keep people from remarrying, marriage is sacredand breaking it is the very least desired thing, islam push people toward education for all and science not toward killing people like some weird uneducated pricks do. I am tired of people using religion to be wrong and still be that proud of them, I am tried of wong bad people thinking that because they re arabs are better than other muslims, i HAVEENOUGH OF MUSLIMS BEING RACIST AND THINKING IT IS OK, I have enough of men wanting more than 1 wife wen they are unable to take fully care of one and all the children. I slam does not infantilize woman, it protects them , assure them a right to education, to work , freedom in managing their money entirely and lifes, Ihave enough of men being lazy and survivng on woman because they threaten to divorce the poor woman, I have enough of humanity, of muslims, the religion I know is a religion of peace of love and of preaching by action and I see more and more hypocrisy and people thinking all I am born muslim so I am all good even if I am not acting good. I have enough of people demiying th rights that women were given by oir religion and fully enforcing only what they like, why cant we be all good mulims why is it all becme a sort of look at me I am better then you, who s real anymore...thanks Confesster it needed to be said

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  • Your religion also says you're worth half as much as a man.. love says you're worth the same, regardless of your role in life. Find the place where it says he should love you as he loves himself (even when you're not the one in charge) and people who follow tha,t then you won't have to worry anymore

  • How old are you?

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