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If it wasn't for the 3 people i meet up at night with i would consider my whole life up until now as completly worthless. Sorry mom,dad and the rest of the family but my smiles are faked :) Everything I achieved doesn't mean anything to me. I don't care about fucked up success, old dreams or social status anymore. I lost my mind in a state of anarchy and insanity. Don't want no family, a future or a long life. I'm healthy, 20 years old and a paramedic who will study technical biosciences but I haven't felt the sun warming my skin or the wind taking my breath for 2 years now. Civilization and society are still big words that scare me like a child. I'm so sorry but we don't want to live like this. Freedom won't be achieved but happiness is on it's way. Maybe I'll write a postcard or a letter. See you in some years, alive and kicking :*

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  • I wanna feel free! do what makes me happy not what makes happy my family! I don't care about school or studying.I wanna be in the streets and throw molotov because on the flames I will start a new brighter life! without countries or religions! but this will never happened! WE ARE SOME DREAMERS BETWEEN FAKE PEOLPLE

  • I love what you have just said!!!!!!

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