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i broke up with my boyfriend recently and me and a friend who i guess i always had a bit of a crush on have been talking quite a lot but i hadnt seen him for ages as he moved away. me and my boyfriend had broken up because the physical side was non existent and i didnt feel wanted anymore. i felt so bad about myself i couldnt handle it anymore. i'd been speaking to my friend about it all. so anyway this weekend he came up and we arranged to go out for a drink. it was a fun night and i ended up going back to his. we ended up kissing ..im pretty sure he initiated it but i cant remember much about it i was so drunk :/ in the morning i felt massively awkward being naked next to him, mainly cos of my confidence issues. but we gradually ended up moving closer to eachother and it happened again. it felt pretty awsome but i dont think i was ready to do that with someone. we were fine and he dropped me back home. it was nice but i don't want anything else to happen and just want things to be normal. even though it had been so long since we saw eachother i love talking to him. thing is he's made no effort to speak to me since and ive messaged him something lighthearted and he one word answered me. i feel so confused now and awkward about the whole thing. i feel quite vulnerable at the moment though i hate to admit it. im cross at him as a friend for not checking in on me he knows how ive been feeling. so his lack of response makes me think hes either repulsed by me or is avoiding me in case i want more. i dont think hes the type of person to feel awkward about it, he gets about a bit from the stories he tells me! i feel a bit like he knew how frustrated i was (in the bedroom!) and just wanted to get his end away which makes me feel like shit. im so confused

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  • which is absolutely fine but what about the years of friendship?

  • He got his action, now he's moving to the next one

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