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I once went to Paris with my school. There I met a girl on street. We talked a lot. I liked her alot. I got her facebook. 6 months later I went to Paris back to meet her. She said:"I don't live in Paris anymore. I was an exchange student, I go back to my country". I felt so bad. I didn't tell her I come to Paris for her. We talk on facebook sometimes. Everyday I think of her. I'm too poor to go to her country.

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  • Tell her that she left you this impression, most would be flattered. and... maybe she'll wait for you. getting all of your money together and then traverling wanting to see her sounds super romantic.

  • You said you had her facebook, and that you talked alot, and the fact that she is not french and doesnt live there never popped in your conversations? Then it never occurred to you to send a message: hey im about to visit you in paris, will you be there? Being a teenager is not an excuse to this weird illogical thinking.

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