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I feel lonely, and hopeless, and sad, and confused, like everything is being pushed upon me, parents, friends, school, rules, opinions, plans, future, decisions, intimacy, lies, honesty, ignorance and lack of it, people who know who they are and people who don't, people who are trying to find themselves and people who are afraud of it. It's just.. everyone makes living and acepting those things seem so easy, but for some of us (it's easier to not feel insane if you pretend you're not alone) it's not, it's really hard, and difficult, and disturbing.

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  • I'm in a similar way my friend.I just went into my A-levels and everything has been thrown on me, and I can feel myself going insane because of it all. I punch things all the time, be it walls or doors. All I can say is that we have to push through this, the roughening is only part of the process of becoming smooth.

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