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I still think women dont have the same rights as men, and it frustrates me soooooooooo much k(. A lot of women cant do basic things, because soms men cant keep there faillure reproductive organ in their pants!

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  • If you can't do basic things maybe you should go back to school. There is nothing holding you back from doing anything a man can do. I'm a man and sometimes I feel like men get the short end of the stick. I mean women have a pure sexual energy that men just don't have. I can't walk into a place all dressed up and have an entire group of people turn around and look at me. And not only that women can have anything they want just like a man.

  • Why is a man being a manwhore holding you back? Easy solution, don't breed with irresponsible men. You choose who you fuck. Always be picky. If you want to hold men to the same sexual standards as women I say that's GREAT! My wife held out for me.

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