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Im writing my crush a confession letter. In this letter I mention some dark past of me and I wonder if what I put will make her dislike me. I do have a dark past but I already change since then. Im doing okay with my life so far and things are going to be even greater because of my new job. But I cant shake the feeling about her. I want to know her answer so badly and the same time I dont. I do know if I want to go to depression again and Im afraid the her answer would put me there. I have no real friend and no social life. Just a normal quite life with a hope of changing it with my letter of confession.

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  • My advice to you is to definitely write her a letter. But I would not include the "dark past" stuff. I don't think she needs to know that yet. Maybe once you two get closer, but it's not something you tell someone when writing a letter about liking them. Just explain your feelings for her, but don't come on too strong. Nobody likes being come onto too strong, it can even come off as creepy. So just keep it light with just t enough emotion, and of course a few compliments on why you like her. :) I wish you the best of luck!

  • Confess without al the edgy "dark past" stuf no1 cares irl specially people that dont know you make a nice convo and work your way up, now go and stop giving yourself stupid excuses

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