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When I was little, my father has a double barrel shotgun in the house for protection. I took my father double barrel shotgun and show it to my friends. We mess around with it for a couple of hours and we got a great idea. We want to test the shotgun on a living thing. We decided it would be best to hunt rabbits around my house. All of us took a shot and we hit something far away. We took a look and found out we have shot a dog. I soon realise that the dog is one of my neighbour 3 dogs that he loves so much. I panic and leave instantly. A few hours pass and my friends came to my house to return my father shotgun. They say they hid the dog under some pile of leaves. My mind is full of f*ck for 2 month. Im scared that he will found out about it but he never did. Im so sorry for what I did.

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  • You should never play with a gun however, you were a kid and your father left it in a place you can find so it is his fault.

  • You were a kid. I can't blame you. No one should.

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