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My bestfriend is dating this guy who is a good friend of mine. She is fuc*ing crazy and they fight all the time. The have been on and off for like a month or two. They have broken up at least 4 times and got back together. They are currently together now and I expressed to her how I hated them together and they are just going to break up again. The day before they got back together she acted "drunk" and texted him a bunch of stupid shit practly begging for him. And when he wouldn't budge, she flipped out and said so much bullshit. I found out yesterday that she gave him head. She is rushing things now so he won't want to leave... Its disgusting. Is she that desperate for a guy who is not even good for her??? I know that happens but seriously? Why.

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  • Your friend sounds like a fucking psycho... And how old are you people? Adults don't usually stay with someone just because they get head. And one or two months I'd usually enough time to start being physical. When your an adult, anyways. Either way, your friend sounds like a fucking psycho..

  • She's fat

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