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i'm a single mom of 3. over the years, it has been very lonely but i keep telling other ppl that i am happy with my single life partly because i'm afraid of what others might think of me like i'm some sort of loser hunting for a new dad for my kid so my kids wont have daddy issue or i'm looking for some guy to pay for my kids and bills and stuffs. the comments from other ppl about single mothers are really hurtful and degrading. honestly, i just want to have someone to love and grow old with when my kids have flown the coop.

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  • I was a single mom, too. Afraid of the same things . I started looking for someone - being honest about my child, while still making it clear that I wasn't looking for a daddy for him, I was looking for someone for me, but they had to be accepting of my child in the meantime. I found him, rather, he found me. Don't rob yourself of happiness. Not meaning to put more on you, but do you think your children will be able to be in a normal, healthy romantic relationship with nothing to model it after? Besides the fact that they want you to be happy?

  • You should want that.. and for someone to be there for you for the chores, and to care for your kids. Men are built for it, and women are built to want it.. society says we shouldn't want it anymore but we all do. It's ok if a man looks after you as long as you look after him right back. Do they let anyone tell you otherwise, it's what's in your heart after all.

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