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Yeah, 21 male, virgin, no relationship, because of deaths of family members and backstabbing "friends".So I find that emotions are useless and scary and hard for me. But on the otherhand I find that surviving in the woods, shooting a gun and doing other engineer stuff is easy as hell and isn't scary at all. SO yeah, going to die alone because everyone likes me but only as a friend. Worst damn thing ever.

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  • look emo country boy. your basically a quiter to say the least. a few stones thrown your way and you give up... meet new people. make new friends fuck some birches. screw your guy best friend who gives a fuck stop moping and start living.

  • You're still young. There's more life ahead of you to experience. I always thought I'd be alone when I was younger. Everyone loved being my friend, but no one had interest in anything more. When I got older, things started to change. Now I'm in a loving relationship. Just keep being yourself, if certain people aren't interested, then it's not meant to be. "There are other fish in the sea." And I really do believe there's someone out there for everyone. Just don't give up. And don't get desperate either, that's never ever good.. Anyways, good luck to you!

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