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I like my bestfriend but I'm afraid she doesnt like me back

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  • My best friend loved me. He was there when my heart was broken... We're married now, almost 2 years. I was just as much in love with him the whole time.

  • I was in love with my best friend for years. Thing is, your friend will never know how you feel unless you say something. I came right out and told my best friend how I felt after sooo many years of hurting myself by not saying anything. It was an awkward moment, yes. But he said he went home and thought about it and realized he had been in love with me this whole time, it just took me telling him my feelings for him to realize it. He asked me out next day. We've been dating for six years this¬† December. And we are getting married next summer. So my advice to you: If you really love this person, tell them. Otherwise you might miss out on something great. And you'll never know otherwise. If they don't feel the same way, things may be awkward for a little bit, but I'm sure you two will have a great relationship as friends. And who knows, that might change into more someday. But it never will unless you say something! I wish you much luck and happiness, friend!

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