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I Love my boyfriend.. There was a short time where we weren't together.. In this time he made out with another Girl, she is just like me, we both like the same things and our looks often match. We talked about her and everything Else a lot and i said it's okay for me now. But sometimes i think about everything he did, and it makes me so said, but i can't talk with him about my thoughts, because i said it's okay for me and it's making him sad. We already said everything about this... But sometimes i want to scream at him or punch him... Or punch me for feeling all this weird stuff.

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  • tell him - even if you already talked about it multiple times. he'll talk with everything about you no matter how long if he loves you!

  • well i wonder why you stopped being together for that time ? if he wanted to make a break it really looks like he just wanted to fuck around alittle... if you wanted the break you shouldnt blame him

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