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So many things are going on right now... My mother and father got very recently divorced (It was rough and long and it almost killed me inside) so i will experience my first christmas only with my Mom i really don't know how to feel about it...I mean i don't know how bad it actually will be. Starting to feel worthless, sucking at school, procrastinating, not having good connection with friends, starting to be only tied up to pc games. Four years ago i fell in love with one girl i love her ever since and i just can't help myself to love anyone else or just to show interest, the thing that sucks is that this person lives on the other side of my country doesn't have a clue about me and i want to wait until High School so really take my chance as long as it lasts. I really don't even want to try Long-distance relationship. One more year till' i will finish my High school and i'm still completely lost on which University should i go...i don't have a single clue and also i would really like to go study abroad but that would mean that my mother would be home alone. On the other hand it is cool that atleast i have something to looking for like games and series, but you know i want to do something with my life. Fortunately i'm too big coward to co something to myself. I'm glad i could atlest confess to someone, get it all out. it helped.

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