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Recently I've been taking care of everyone around me instead of taking care of myself. I just had an abortion, and I'm just trying to do Everything to please everyone around me, because I don't want to face what I did. I'm simply pushing it away, even though I know it will hit me in the face later.

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  • Gonna have to face it eventually and come to terms. You know in Buddhism they have a ceremony for the aborted or miscarried wishing it a happy reincarnation with a family who will love it. In 1st century Christianity there was a tradition that such babies would be raised by angels in paradise. In Atheism obviously they are gone for good and their suffering is over. Time only goes in one direction. All you can do now is decide how to live the future and avoid doing this again.

  • I recently had one add well and did the same thing. It's easier if you replace it with something. For instance, I got a rabbit. Best decision to help negative feelings :)

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