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This is how unsafe my country is! I am so angry, I live in the capital city in Manila. Around 7pm we were walking earlier, too late that I noticed that there are two guys in our back, they're so close, and I shouted to my bf that hey your bag is open! Then we both stopped and looked at his bag and yes those two guys stole a few items plus cash even a transit card! This is so frustrating! We don't care about the items that much because pretty sure he can buy it again, but the problem is our fucking government, won't do anything about pick pockets, doesn't even have proper working post lights! We can't even use any expensive gadget outside, you can't walk 'normally' because you are paranoid that someon is looking at your stuff and you have to hold your bag tightly! Even if you have your own car parked at a mall, you can't trust the guards or the mall itself that was paid for parking and security. Damn it Govt. Of the Philippines! Stop looting the country's money! Our own officials are the high class pick pockets.

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  • Join the club, my friend! Corruption is everywhere because powerful people are only interested in getting more powerful and more wealthy. They don`t give 2 wet shits what happens with the citizens...the citizens that VOTED for them. It`s a spit in the face

  • That's why everyone should have a firearm: your corrupt govt will not protect you

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