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so i was healthy (not fat at all). lost a bit of weight (4kg) and now i have health problems. hands hurt (no fat between joints), no pms, less energy, walk slowly, no heavy weights etc. Only brightside is that i finally have the legs i wanted and i don't have any wrinkels......It''s so unfair. if i become ''healthy'' again the one thing i always wanted (slim legs) are gone, but not having any pms is freaking me out! #hateworldsjudgement #anytips?

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  • from what you describe you're actually sick as fuck,i don't know how skinny you think is good but it's definetely not healthy. and 4 kg don't change anything on your looks,the only person who sees the difference is you because 4 kg is nothing to look at,but for your body it's quite a lot of health it's not having

  • If someone was starving a dog be cm cause it wasn't skinny enough, you would think there was something wrong with them.. it's equally unethical to deprive yourself of appropriate nutrients... like when vegans are malnourished but didn't kill an animal.. but they killing them self instead.. except your reason is vanity. Your legs can't have been that huge, this is so dumb I can't explain how angry this makes me.

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