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People think I'm completely sane, that I'm proud of what I've accomplished and of what I am, and they think that I grew up in the perfect family. Truth is, I really hate myself. Yes, I have good grades and all, but I don't know what's I'm going to achieve, I have no clue about my eventual life, and I don't know if it's going to work. I grew up in a f*cked up family. Back when I was 2, my parents went their own way. This left my brother and I with a really conservative father, which I thought, and still think, that he think I'm not good enough, and with a mother that's really nice, but who's relationships have all been to shit. When I was 7, I went to a camp with the scouts. Back then, everything was as normal as it should've been, but when I came back, it was to realise my grandfather had left his life behind, and started a new one with another lady. This is probably what hurt the most. Everything went downhill from this point. Less than a year later, my mother noticed my stepfather was cheating on her, so she dumped him. My father had a few relationships but none of them really worked, except a single one. It's been going on for like 8 years, but I really hate her. I really do. She's only controlling my father. Recently, and by that I mean a few months ago, my mother broke up with my ex new stepfather, but that's great, cause I didn't like him...My father doesn't keep his promises, he owes both my brother and I a lot of money. Because of all that, I have some serious confidence issues, as well as trust issues. When people ask me if I like a girl, I don't know how to respond, for I don't know what I should feel. I'm fat, I've never had a girlfriend, and I'm 17. My life is supposed to be awesome, stuff is supposed to happen, yet nothing does, and I'm scared. My mind is fucked up, and I need help.

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  • Aside from the other problems, IMO the biggest problem is you expectation. You say your life is supposed to be awesome. Why? Life is not supposed to be one thing or another. You say stuff is supposed to happen. Why? Nothing is supposed to happen. Nice things don`t just happen to you, you have to make them happen. You just do nothing and expect good things to happen to you. That`s not how it works and unless you understand this, a lot of misery is coming your way.

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