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I live in a place where everyone is literally the same. Every teenager even kids like 11 y.o. goes to nightclubs every Friday and Saturday, just to get drunk and make out with random strangers. I hate my hometown, I'm not like any other out there. I don't wanna be conceited but I have a girlfriend now who means everything to me, she is different, not like any other out there. And I'm a totally different kind of guy that are others. When my " friends " look at me how I behave with my gf and what I do to her, how much I love her and care for her, they all laugh. There is no hope in my place, no true love, no everything. But how am I so different then others? I don't understand it. Like I don't belong here.

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  • You dont belong. Be different. Leave. I did it. I am so happy now.

  • You sound like you're still in high school or junior high. Am I wrong? But if that's the case, everyone feels that way about their hometown. Well.. mostly everyone. They all can't wait until they graduate or whatever so they can move away to somewhere better. But I will let you in on a little secret.. You're going to probably feel like this no matter what town you live in. You may find a place where it's not as bad, but you'll most likely still feel like everyone's the same, yada yada. You just have to keep living life and be yourself and not worry about these people you're surrounded by. Surround yourself with more like-minded people. They are out there.. somewhere. :P

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