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I'm a white guy and my daughter is half Asian. I'm terrified that my daughter will turn out like an average American girl. When I met my wife she brought me to her father to get approval to court her. She has always been faithful, she is fiercely intelligent, and of course beautiful. I told some American friends about how if her father disapproved of a guy she would lose interest and one said, "So the opposite of a white girl?" I totally see white girls this way. Maybe that's why I never could date one. Maybe it is because I grew up with a really bad abusive mother who set a bad example for womanhood. Maybe it's because deep down I am a misogynist because I think all women are like her. Maybe if I raise my daughter well enough she won't make bad decisions like the girls I grew up with. I remember a few white girls I went to school with who were brilliant, honorable, smart women. I hope my daughter turns out like that, but maybe I'm just racist against my own kind because I think that kind of American girl is super rare.

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  • But what OP said is true, obviously kids in the US are wild, doesn't know how to respect, and when they reach teenage years, it's about sex,parties and peers. Ugh

  • I don't think you should worry about it so much. If you raise your kid right, she'll be okay. Yes, there's influence from school, friends etc. But how you treat her and raise her as she grows up is what will have the biggest impact on her.

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