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Okay so my best friend is 17 and recently just had sex with her boyfriend and she broke up with him and than she just fucked another guy.. Am I wrong for calling her hoe??

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  • What would you have called him if roles were reversed? Just a guy, I presume.. You are not a "best friend". Hell, I`m not even sure you`re just a "friend". If you were prettier and more handsome guy would want to fuck you, would you still be a prude?? (says a beautiful woman who had all the sex she wanted and now is in a happily committed relationship with absolutely no regrets and no frustrations, as some of you seem to have..because she did whatever she wanted without caring what a bunch of small-minded, unpleasant, hypocrite people had to say. Have a good day! )

  • she already broke up with her ex.. so whats the problem

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