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If you find a girl in an online dating site, I assure she's not looking for just a friend or a language exchange buddy, don't waste my time for a full year talking and texting, making me think that you're just a gentleman taking things slow, then when we finally meet you treat me like one of your buddies or your little sister. Then when I get the hint that you don't like me that way, and I back off to heal my broken heart, you go batshit insane insisting on texting daily, because I'm an "awesome girl" but nothing more. I hate you. 2 years now, i stopped texting 4 days ago and he didnt text, hope he got the hint

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  • Fuck him. He shouldn't have led you on like that if he was only interested in being friends. But online dating is just like dating in person. The same things can happen. As people like to say "there's plenty of fish in the sea." I'm sure you'll find someone worthy of your time one of these times. Dating can be rough, but when you finally do meet that special someone, it's all worth it. Good luck!

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