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I left my old job to work for my dad. I've been working for him for over a year now and hating every second of it. I'm getting really depressed and its affecting my relationship and social life. I have the opportunity to go back to my old job but I'm worried I'm going backwards in life, and what do I tell my dad?

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  • it's really tough to work for family especially someone like a father figure who can be really critical

  • You need to do what will make you happy. Just explain to your father that while it was a learning experience working for him, it just isn't the right fit for your life. Your job is a big portion of your life; if you work somewhere you hate, it's just going to make your life worse. Ultimately, you need to do what's best for you, let your dad down easy, and get busy making yourself happy. In the end, your father should want you to be happy.

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