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I HATE ARGUING WITH M FATHER...god, im so stupid,such a horrible spoilt little brat. My dad is the most amazing wonderful kind man, hes given me so much love and support,not to mention working his fingers to the bone just to put a roof over his families head...and how do i repay him? by criticizing him and yelling at him when hes tired and vulnerable.Why? because im angry i have so many failings and i dont know how to fix them. I faile dot get into my college because im so dumb.... Im such a loser,i have no friends and im absolutly not smart. I want to make something of myself, something that both he and I will be proud of but i cant, im not capable of it...so i vent my anger and frustration out on him,like its somehow his fault. Im sorry dad, i love you so much. Please just understand how pathetic i am and you do all you could to help me.

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  • I wish I had a father even if we would argue everyday.

  • Bitch

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