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I was at one of my best friend's house one time. His wife was 18 years old (we were both 21,) and she is smoking hot! She's also a super light weight when it comes to drinking, which we were all doing. When he and some other friends were in another part of the house, it was just me and her in the living room. She was in really short gym shorts, and she always wears something that shows off her awesome cleavage (she's a D cup.) So I was on the couch, and she started crawling around on the floor making cat noises and staring at me. Then she started scratching at my knees. We both kinda stared at each other for a little while. I couldn't believe what she was doing. I touched her boobs and she didn't seem to mind. Then as I was going for the kiss, we heard her husband and our other friends coming back. Nothing ever happened between us again, and I'm not sure she remembers it all anyway. If the others were actually gone, like getting more alcohol or something, and it was just me and her alone at the house for 20 minutes, I gotta admit, I would have had sex with her, even though she's my good friend's wife!

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  • Dude, never take advantage of someone who is drunk.

  • good friend? if he really was your friend - even a good friend - , you wouldn't even consider fucking his wife. neither would she.

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