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I have a friend who keeps inviting herself over to my flat and stays as long as she wishes cause we've known each other very long and she thinks its alright. I'm usually a guest friendly and tolerant person, the problem is that she changed over time into a very rude, demanding, selfish brat and i just can't stand her anymore. I begin to hate when she sponatously comes for "some days" and i have no idea how to tell her.

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  • Reminds me of my friends friend...hes a huge cock block too stays at his house days apon days, expects him to drive him everywhere and pay for him. Its so annoying. The funny part is that he is 30years old and doing this stuff. Hes a loser and he just takes over everything like music and tv and movies..he has to be in control of it all. Ugh its annoying...anyways..i dont know what advice to give besides start locking your door. If she has a key...wait till she goes to the bathroom and take your key back. Eventually when she tries to come over again..do not answer the door. Act like no one is home. You could also just be straight up with her and tell her "i need space!!!!"

  • Tell her that it's not her house and that she needs to stop coming over so much. If that doesn't work just tell her she's no longer allowed to be at your house for more than a few hours at a time

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