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ok guys and gals, im looking for real advice here. This isnt a depression talking but i am seriously ugly. I mean butt face ugly. Its largely genetic but also because im really fat and didnt ever take care of my teeth when i was small and now have gotten really yellow. Im not sure how to deal with it? The weight sure that obvious, and the teeth theres bleaching but i mean the rest of me? seriously its really hard to overcome.Please dont tell me oh im not that bad cuz thats not real advice. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated?

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  • Workouts, yoga, good food, good books for brain, and sex. Have sex. There's Always someone to have sex with. Be happy.

  • Dude, have you ever heard about the Insanity work-out? Dude.. get. those. DVDs. I mean it. If you really want a huge change in your life, do the work-out and do it good. In 2 months you`ll have the body other work for 1 year. Trust me. I did the work-out and now I`d walk around naked all day :)) It will hugely boost your confidence. Do.the. work.out.

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