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i have feelings for a girl from my class for 9 month now, and it starts to make me depressive, she always talks about that she only likes good looking guys and guys with money. But i´m pretty average looking and pretty average in everything, so i start to accept that i will never have a chance. Also i tried to flirt with her or make a connection but there is no progress between us and it feels like she´s kinda friendzoning me even if we are not that close or something(and i know that the friendzone is more or less just the own imagination). The Problem is that i see her everyday and she´s just really cute and very pretty so i can´t really get away of her, and now as i start to get the feelings away my life starts to get worse, and in the moment she´s the only one i really care about and probably the only one that saves me from dark days, but she probably doesn´t even care for me or see more in me than a simple friend. i´m feeling like i loose control about my life and that i mess up everything, and i feel like that she´s the only that could help, but at the same time i hate myself for being like i am because as a man i should be strong and give the girl something.

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  • go fuck yourself

  • I think that you are a young guy, falling inlove with looks is not really love, think about what if her face gets a scar later or something really bad, will you still like her?

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