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My bf's mother has cancer. He's withdrawn from all his friends and gaming groups. I think he's being a very good son, and saying all the right things to her. I am proud of him, but think she doesn't deserve to make him so worried. She abandoned him as a baby, and chose her 'new' family and children over him for his whole life. None of her other children will even talk to her.

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  • I think the same thing will happen to me. Will my estranged father who now focuses completely on his new wife`s kids from her previous marriage come to me when he`s sick and old or will he go to those kids who don`t even share his blood? And if that happens, will I be there for him (like he totally wasn`t for me for years now) or will I still be resentful and send him to those other kids?

  • Horrible! , your bf is a very good son to her, how stupid of her new family, your bf will be surely blessed.

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